3 Pyramid Tripeaks Remove all cards by selecting cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower in value then the open card.
Flying Bird Flying Bird est un jeu d'arcade basé sur le gameplay de Flappy Bird . Ses trois niveaux de difficulté en fond un jeu plus accessible . Chaque mois un classement des meilleurs ..
bump bump 一款简化版的躲避球,操控小人将球全部打到对方胜利。
Winter Bubbles Ice cold bubble shooter game.
Frozen Mahjong It's winter and most mahjong tiles are frozen, can you unfreeze them all?
Sweet Candy Sweet Candy is a colorfull bubble shooter game.
Bomberos Excellent fire game in which you have to drive a fire truck on the road.
Soul Job My name is Hiro, new recruit. My job is to assist my boss in his holy mission: judge souls from Earth and send them in Heaven or Hell. Here my story... Keep the Other World's ..
Sundae Galore ==++★ MagiSoft Presents ★++== Sundae Galore Lite! Dress up and decorate a brownie sundae with lots of toppings, syrup, ice-cream and more to choose from. You can make your ..
Letter Scramble 2 Create as many valid English words as possible.
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    Ginger Makeup
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    fwg knight china
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    My Happiest Shop

    Try to finishing this game. you're the shop keeper in the famous shop. get high wealth and get the highest sco..
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    “In a crime infested city a certain Mr. Jack runs an obscure delivery business. His drivers risk their lives..
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    Feed the mouse and win stars. Many levels with fixed and moving obstructions. Feed the Mouse Game by FunVector..
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    Aliens, go home!

    You sent to earth with a mission to find an ancient artifact. Collect the pieces artifact and your mission is ..
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    Dream Roller Coaster

    Would you like to play adventurous roller coaster? Dream roller coster combines wisdom and adventure. While ex..
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    Nave Terra é um jogo online de habilidade e tiro,aonde você terá que destruir rochas afim de ter a maior p..
  • Run Baby Run!

    Run Baby Run!

    Run Baby Run!
  • Dangerous Work

    Dangerous Work

    Have you ever tried Dangerous Work Dresses? You would be really gentle, comfortable and stylish in this Dresse..
  • Yellow Summer Girl

    Yellow Summer Girl

    あなたは今までドレスを試したYellow Summer Girlことがありますか?あなたは本当に..
  • Abandoned IV

    Abandoned IV

    You were with some friends checking out an old abandoned building. Your phone rang and you answered it but no ..
  • Space Missile Defense

    Space Missile Defense

    The meteors are raining down on the planet and it is your job to shoot them out. Blast the missiles into the r..
  • Blattodephobia


    Ugly cockroaches flooding your dirty place. They can survive everything but your smelly slippers. Aim sharp! A..
  • 洞穴夺宝II


    洞穴夺宝2 又找一个神秘矿洞里面好多金子,但是据有说鬼看守。勇敢的你敢去把金..
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