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  • puzzle freak 2 china

    puzzle freak 2 china

    puzzle freak 2 china
  • Coprolalia Jr. Edition

    Coprolalia Jr. Edition

    A silly Simon Says-style game with a few twists, and a child-appropriate potty-mouth. Several levels of diffic..
  • A long,long flight

    A long,long flight

    Fly and evade the bombs. Collect the bonuses to reach new records. Buy abilities to became stronger. Mouse con..
  • Rock Night

    Rock Night

    적 드레스를 시도 Rock Night? 당신은 정말 편안 온유하고 세련된 이번 시즌이 드레스..
  • Geometry Quiz

    Geometry Quiz

    Longing for a refreshing mathematical challenge? Take the Geometry Quiz now and see how quickly you can get th..
  • Inspiration Dave

    Inspiration Dave

    Inspiration Dave is a platformer. You control a character on a mission to find inspiration through musical not..
  • Skyline


    Skyline is a casual puzzle game in which players must spell words using a board of movable letter tiles. Playe..
  • Full Colors Summer

    Full Colors Summer

    あなたは今までドレスを試したFull Colors Summerことがありますか?あなたは本当に..
  • BLYM


    Help BLYM on his way through 4 big worlds in this platform puzzle game. Use his special skill to morph into bl..
  • I Hate Candy

    I Hate Candy

    Colorful and dynamic game about rescuing the fellow scientists from the alien planet. WASD or Arrows to move, ..
  • US Traffic

    US Traffic

    More vehicles means more traffic risks. This funny traffic game will put this trusty job into your hand. All y..
  • Escapade


  • Scrap Metal

    Scrap Metal

    Presenting Scrap Metal! You are in charge of a robot boxer working his way through the boxing circuit. You man..
  • Brain Numbers – Volume I

    Brain Numbers – Volume I

    Can you solve the 10 sequential number puzzles in the first volume of Brain Numbers? This game was inspired by..
  • Marine Dodger

    Marine Dodger

    You are the marine dodger dodging boats in this game. You job is to dodge the boats for 5 tough levels. Ea..
  • Gem Janice

    Gem Janice

    A retro-style platformer where the heroine, Janice, must collect all the gems on the screen by altering gravit..
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