Sweet Candy Sweet Candy is a colorfull bubble shooter game.
HexMatch Relaxing hexagonal match 3 with colorful tiles.
Diamonds Match 3 Traditional match 3 game with an extra Twist.
Mysterious Forest Match 3 of the same items in the Mysterious Forest
Bunny vs Beetles Help the bunny to resist beetles, who want to eat his harvest.
Hidden Wonders of the Depths Scurry through the underwater squares with `Crab` to help the mermaid build her fantastic
Simple Match3 No Blizt-Super-Mega-BONUS or whatever! Nothing complicated. Just your favorite match3 game. You can also post your score online.
I Hate Eyes Simple exciting fast paced match the blocks game.
You Toobe In the lab there's lots of coloured balls falling down. Use the test tubes to catch them all.
Bottle Tea Puzzles A classic match3 game with 6 stages. Players need to achieve required quantity of tea bottles lines to get points and advance to the next levels.
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