Melting Donut Decoration Bring your dream donut in front of you by glazing it with chocolates or your favorite colors. Make the delicacy more tempting with best sprinkles and complete the picture with ..
Planet Dodge - The Big Crunch You must dodge the planets to survive. How long will you last?
Manga creator: School days p.5 Create your own School themed manga.This is the page:5
Anime Girls Memory Card memory game with anime girls.
Basketball Style Can you solve this fun puzzle! Test your mind in this great game for kids!
SLIDER The classic game of Arkanoid with a heavy spin on gameplay...
The Werewolf Diaries In the game of The Werewolf Diaries time is working against you as the skulls slowly move down forcing the player to quickly strategize a way to destroy the skulls. The Player ..
ZooZ Ball A fun puzzle game by Shimiegames: color the bricks and match the goal in a fun bouncing world!
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Bicycle 2 BICYCLE 2 Physical Bike Race
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