Bubble Swap Bubble Swap is an original puzzle game featuring Rainbow Design's characters. Match two bubbles vertically in order to make them explode until the stage is clear!
Magic Fairy Hairstyles When the spring is approaching you know that there is at least a fairy around. The magic creature behind all of these changes, it is the fairy princess! She is a member of a big ..
Connect Animals 2 Brand new features, double the fun! Familiar old rules along with two new bonus tiles bringing new gameplay dimension and a hint of strategy, it's more fun than ever before. Help ..
Even Glove Help Mr. Even Glove collect his floating even numbers!!
AlienOban Is a Sokoban-style puzzle game with some different twists. Move the Alien with the arrow keys and push the blue blocks against the animals. Destory all animals in order to ..
3_of_a_kind Place 3 similar colors together to make them disapear. Difficulty increases as time goes by.
Full Colors Summer あなたは今までドレスを試したFull Colors ..
Xmas Color Twist Solve 65 levels of this Christmas brainteaser for all ages.
Maestro di Colore Watch and repeat the color combination played by the computer. A typical sound is assigned to each color which makes it somewhat easier to remember. Just repeat the combination ..
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